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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 9, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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and accuweather is tracking a hot and sticky day. prompting schools to close early like here in new jersey. police in upper darby showed off dozens of weapons they took off the streets and now they are making sure those weapons are rendered useless. >> handguns, long guns, swords, more than 100 weapons recovery over the past several years will be destroyed this afternoon, upper darby police superintendant says it's their way of cutting down gun violence in the community. >> each weapon has a different store why, some police seized in drug raids and many through domestic violence calls. they will be destroyed today when they bring them to a trash and steam plant to be turned into electricity. >> we feel it's an offensive weapon, and we are called there for criminal activity, it's
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gone, it goes, god forbid my officer goes back and someone uses it on them. >> this gun was used to threaten a store owner and this hatchet, a police officer. they were all laid out on tables at the police department, swords and cross bows and 70 long guns and han guns. >> some are high powered. chitwood says they will not make a dime off of these, he doesn't know how many of these were purchased legally. >> these guns will not be used to assault anybody or hurt anybody. >> they are taken by police escort and they do not leave them alone until they are destroyed. new now at 12:30, federal investigators blamed the flight crew for a deadly plane crash that killed seven people including a prominent local businessman, the jet carrying
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lewis katz and three others ran off the runway last year, the jet's crew did not perform a pre-flight check nor did they disengage a safety measure, a throttle, it was moved four times the amount, and katz the co-owner of the philadelphia inquirer and three other crew members and passengers were all killed. firefighters battled flames behind mercy hospital this morning. the first calls came in at 8:00, chopper 6 hd was over the scene, and the building was evacuated as crews fought the fire, so far no word of injuries, the cause is still under investigation. it was back to school today for students in montgomery county, the action cam was at willow hill elementary at willow grove. they came with their parents
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backpacks in hands before heading back to class. in new jersey it's a short day for students here, thanks to the hot and sticky temperatures outside. schools in trenton, clifton heights and hamilton township are closing early because of the temperatures. stepping live outside as we look at penn's landing and sky 6, we only have to tough out the heat for one more day because relief is in sight. david murphy is live outside tracking the chance of rain in the forecast as well. >> there is a little chance of that today but a better chance tomorrow, the sun came out from one of these clouds here, i wish i could make it go back. there is a lot of sunshine around the region, we have cirrus cloud cover around and there is more pronounced cloud cover and that is associated with a cold front tomorrow and ahead of that we are looking at rain and that will help cool
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things down, 88 in philadelphia, heading up into the 90s and 88 in washington and new york city, you can say misery loves company and we are not alone in this. those dew points tell the story up and down the immediate east coast, dew points in the 70s, anything at 70 or better is oppressive humidity, i can guarantee you that is what i am feeling out here, i am just standing here and not moving. it feels like 95 in philadelphia and 98 in wilmington some of these numbers just coming in. 97 in dover and 93 in cape may and 90 in allentown. and all of these numbers are going up through the afternoon, temperatures, 2:00 we are probably sitting on 90 and 92 is your high at 4:00, of course it will feel worse than that because of the high humidity, by 6:00, 88 and 10:00, 79.
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when i step inside we'll look at the possibility of a thunderstorm or drenching storm today. and then a better chance tomorrow and then things feel more comfortable tomorrow and friday, i'll have all the details coming up from accuweather, if are you heading outside this afternoon, if you are exerting yourself, cool drinks are really, really important. >> thank you david. we are just 16 days away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia. now is your chance to stock up on special merchandise, the very first pop-up store selling official world meeting of families papal souvenirs now open, the world meeting of families is not specify how much they will make but help cut the cost of the papal visit, "action news" spoke to the first customer that bought to golf shirts at $40 a piece. >> i was getting my pass across the street for the papal visit.
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and i saw the door was open and decided to come in. >> right now the location on 11th and market is the only physical store open, pop-up stores will open at the convention center and along the parkway and independence mall. the merchandise is also available online. meanwhile, tickets for two papal events will be released in the matter of hours. 4:00, 10,000 tickets will be availableable for the world meeting of families and 10,000 more tickets will be available for the papal mass on the ben franklin parkway on sunday. as always you can get regular updates on the pope's visit by following our special twitter account, we post developments as they are announced, and the weeks leading up to it, follow at 6 abc pope. democratic frontrunner,
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hillary clinton, issued an apology to voters over her email scandal. she told david muir that using a private email server was a mistake and is taking responsibility. karen travers is live now with more on the story. >> good afternoon, david muir also asked hillary clinton if she can survive this ongoing email controversy, she says she has no doubt she can, and insisted what she did with a lowed but not the best decision. >> when it comes to the use of her private email account and private server. >> that was a mistake, i take responsibility. >> clinton acknowledging she should have used two separate email accounts. i'm sorry that it has raised all of these questions, i do take responsibility for having made what was clearly not the best
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decision. >> the email and personal server controversy is doing clinton for weeks now down 9 points in new hampshire to bernie sanders. >> what is the first word that comes to mind when you think of hillary clinton, liar and untrustworthy. >> obviously i don't like hear that, i am confident by the end of this campaign, people know they can trust me. >> the one solid frontrunner now looks vulnerable that sparks calls for vice president joe biden to jump in the race. >> i like joe biden a lot and i think he is a great vice president, and i think he could be a good president there is no doubt about that. >> but in a rare emotional moment, clinton spoke up thinking about her late mother. >> miss her a lot and wish she was here with me. >> if that interview was not enough, clinton emailed her
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supporters last night and reiterated her apology and going forward she will be as transparent as possible. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> karen thank you. a rescued seal is on the way from a new jersey nonprofit and on its way to its new home in virginia. the workers in brigantine put him in a net and put him in a special crate. he was found on the beach in deal, monmouth county, with puncture wuns on his back but one of his flippers paralyzed. >> he cannot go back into the wild, it would not allow him to compete in the wild and catch food, so we are going to provide him a terrific home. is he off to join other seals at the virginia aquarium at virginia beach. and they will start maintenance work for the next season of
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rescues. much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, new details on the attack of a referee on a high school football game. the offensive words he is accused of saying to the two players that attacked him. the 911 call that her mother made that may have saved their life. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you have medicare parts a and b, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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a murder suspect in north carolina used his first court appearance to town the alleged victim's family, the suspect stuck his tongue out and laughed as he left the courtroom. they accuse him of shooting and killing a man back in july and he has no remorse about the shooting. police in atlanta released a chilling 911 call in the case of them trying to kill their
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parents. >> send someone. >> officers say 17-year-old cameron and 22-year-old christopher irving attacked their parents at home on saturday morning. the mother says that her husband distracted them long enough to make the call to after their lives. >> they put xanex in our food and they thought we would sleep. they tried to attack us. >> when police arrived in the home, there was a strong smell of gas, they suspect the brothers may have been trying to burn down the house. and the latest on the story of a high school referee attacked on the field, two players that hit him were suspended and now they say that the referee used racial slurred now that the coach is placed on paid leave as part of the investigation. t.j. holmes has more. >> the two players responsible for this vicious take down of a referee, tell school officials they were retaliating for bad
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calls and bad words. >> the players were feeling lots of frustration by what they felt was missed or wrong calls by the refs, the players also allege racial slurs were directed at them by the umpire. >> district officialed filing a formal complaint against the referee and a contributing factor, mack breed is now on paid leave after telling it's players, quote, that guy has to pay for cheating us. >> it was inappropriate and could have led to this incident. >> meanwhile the ref is speaking out reportedly telling the website, unfortunately this will be big news, adding liable and slander has already been committed against me. police are investigating the on field incident to see if they will face criminal charges. snool google is getting into the
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grocery business, the web giant just announce that they will start testing delivery service for fresh food and groceries. google will also pick a second city but not until this year. it will be part of google express that already brings other items to customers doorsteps. serena williams will continue her push for a grand slam, after a big win at the u.s. open last night. >> serena defeated her old fer sister, venus at the u.s. open, now serena will advance and next up is 26th seated player if italy. if serena wins the u.s. open she will be the first to win every grand slam in a calendar year since stephy graph did it. today queen elizabeth became
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the longest ranking monarch, she rained for 68 years, she thanked all of her supporters today and she says she will continue on with business as usual. >> we get another check of the forecast with david murphy. stepping live outside sky 6 hd checking out atlantic city, meteorologist, david murphy, has an update from accuweather.
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well, this weekend is the first ever fyi philly food truck special. they crammed as much as they could in the show and they serve up everything from sweets to sinful savory snacks. and party trucks can bring the food to you as well. it's a full half our of tasty meals on wheels, it airs at 7:00
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on 6 abc on saturday. think there is just a salad truck? >> on a day like today people are getting the day from the food truck and running back into the a.c. >> looking for a rita's truck. >> maybe. stormtracker 6 live double scan that is where i may be headed. we have no rain out there and we could use it, it would feel good today, at the shore it feels a little bit better, the temperatures are a bit suppressed in cape may and other spots. really down there and 90s everywhere else. your dew point is up at 72, oppressive humidity when you step outside. winds from the south-southwest at 7, there is your heat index making it feel like 95, future tracker 6 showing us that as soon as 3:00 we could see pop-up showers and thunderstorms, they are isolated and where they hit they could be memorable and not
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moving fast, and you could really get a downpour that sits over you for a bit. a little bit more of that here and there and at 11:00 most of it off to the north in philadelphia, some of it cruising through overnight, the temperatures are high, 90 in allentown un1ur9 in trenton and wilmington and 80s in millville and dover and mid-80s down at the shore, ocean temperatures are nice and warm and the lack of lifeguards and rip current in the water make it less than ideal to run into the water. 90 by 5:00, and throughout the afternoon it will feel much worse than the temperature because of the high humidity, still muggy by 7:00 and thunderstorms here and there, and 9:00, 80 with an overnight low of 75 and muggy overnight. in between the two periods we have a phillies game and clouds and a thunderstorm not out of question, but it's a good chance of being dry for the game. 84 and sweaty down there at the
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ballpark and 79 in the ninth inning, tomorrow the frontal boundary coming in that will lower the temperature and a high of 82, showers and thunderstorms and drenching downpours at times, i'll show that you on future tracker 6. not raining everywhere all at once, and it does look at some point that area will pick up some of this, i see a general 1 to 2 inches when it pushes on out of here, the latest model runs has it exiting out of here. from august 1st, we are running 2.5 inches below rainfall, and the last significant rain was on august 11th and that was a quarter inch in philadelphia, a new tropical depression formed on the other side of bermuda but this one is not coming our way and it will go straight up to the north and may become a tropical storm henry is the name i believe. but not bringing relief in terms
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of moisture. 81 tomorrow and most of us will get some of that much needed rain and some of us could get a fair amount of it, and improvement on friday and a nice afternoon with a high of 83 and another nice day on saturday with another high of 83 and on sunday, saturday night into sunday, there could be a shower around otherwise 79, back into the 70s monday and tuesday for the first time in a month. topping the people scene at 1:30, the nominations for the cma awards are out. alicia vitarelli is at the big board to break it all down for us. >> you got it guys, the nominations were announced live this morning on "good morning america," by steven tyler and 21-year-old kelsey, here are some of the big nods we are talking about today. she scored a nomination for the
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female vocalist of the year along with miranda lambert and carrie underwood and for the guys, eric church earned a not for male vocalist and tied with little big town for total nominations, luke bryant and chris sharpton and blake shelton. and nominees for entertainer of the year garth brook zs and ken chesney, and eric church and miranda lambert. the cma awards air live from nashville on december 4th and watch it here on 6 abc, every year i have an honor of being on the red carpet, it's like one big family in nashville. >> one big party too. >> thank as leash a. we'll be right back.
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a final check of the hot and humid temperatures, worse than yesterday, if you look at the numbers, you'll find high temperatures in the north and western subbers that could be a degree or too less than yesterday, but 90s and 91s and 92 is the high in philadelphia and winds 5 to 10 miles per hour, that that that will help. the humidity is even worse at the beach. everybody needs to take it easy today. this sand sculpture is get ago tense online, it's called call me caitlyn bruce gender.
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>> the theme was olympics over the years. it took him 30 hours off three and a half days to finish the whole thing. a look at stories, coming up at 4:00, from criticism to conversation a community pastor put up the words black lives matter. and what he hopes to accomplish. and now a father took his 15-year-old girl's closet hostage and how she can earn it back. for david murphy and rick williams, and the entire "action news" team, have a great afternoon.
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